Mission At Tenth InterArts Journal

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

We are now accepting submissions for Volume 8 of Mission at Tenth InterArts Journal, to be published in 2019. 

All submissions must comply with the following guidelines to be considered.


Contact info—Make sure your name, email, snail-mail address, and phone number are included on the first page of your document. 

Formatting—Times New Roman, 12 pt. and double line space should be used throughout your document.  For all special formatting, be sure to include written instructions for exactly how you wish the page, paragraph, etc. to appear. We will only use Mission at Tenth style guidelines, so if you wish a unique paragraph or line to appear outside style, you must mark it separately. Don't depend on the formatting in your submission. It will not hold through the editing process. 

If a misspelling or incorrect use of grammar is intentional, please add that to your description. Otherwise, we will correct it in editing. 


All guidelines for narrative submissions apply, except that poetry should be formatted exactly the way you wish it to appear in print. Use single line space, unless you wish your piece to appear in print with different spacing—i.e., if you submit the work double line space, that is the way it will appear; if the type is submitted in all italics, that is the way it will appear in print.


Mission at Tenth uses Standard American Format for all plays. This is a helpful style sheet to follow http://citytheatrecompany.org/wp-content/uploads/Style-Guide.pdf If you do not follow Standard American, we will edit your formatting to match our house style. If there is a passage or more that is intentionally off-style, you must note that in your description of the work. 


Artwork and other nontext formats should be submitted as a one-page description  that includes a digital link to the referenced work. 

For further details, please contact us at MissionatTenth@ciis.edu

Mission At Tenth InterArts Journal